Erosion Control

Dust-A-Side Canada offers more than dust control. Consult with us and your soil erosion problems are as good as gone. We offer a complete range of erosion control products designed to meet the needs of your civil, mining, quarrying, construction or other projects – either on a short-term or long-term basis.

The binder content of our products help to cost-effectively reduce wind erosion, while the addition of a sealing agent will also reduce water erosion.


Take AquaTarp, our leading erosion control product, for example.

AquaTarp is a solvent-free, water and surfactant based emulsion of latex polymer and is specifically designed and formulated for easy application onto surfaces requiring erosion control solutions.

These include roads, civil earthworks, hardstands, stockpiles, re-vegetation sites, rail wagons and other exposed surfaces.

Results can be achieved by simply diluting the product into a watercart (or other spray equipment) and spraying onto the exposed surface of the material; providing a crusting and waterproofing effect. For longer-term results the product can also be mixed into the top surface layer of the material and compacted; providing increased binder content and waterproofing effect.


Tailored Erosion Control Solutions


We provide tailored solutions for construction sites, mining and quarrying, agricultural settings, urban environments and more.

Some of the more common applications include:

  • Stockpile dust and erosion
  • Sediment in water supplies
  • Erosion/sediment loss on embankments, trenches and other civil works

Proven results:

  • Reduced sedimentation loss
  • Drastically reduced soil loss from wind and water erosion
  • Assists in preventing water pollution and improving water clarification
  • Supports faster, more effective re-vegetation
  • Reduced mulching costs

If you are under pressure to keep surface erosion and polluting sediment run-offs to a minimum, Dust-A-Side Canada can help you establish a proven erosion control strategy.

We will supply you with a cost-effective erosion control product that is easy to apply (no specialised equipment required), environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous. Furthermore, our team of specialist erosion experts will ensure that a product application program is put in place to ensure optimal results are achieved at the most economical cost for your project.

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