Added Value Quantification

Road condition monitoring & reporting systems help to prioritise maintenance schedules, live data logged every minute and can be accessed anytime. Total Dust Management (TDM) is the diagnostic evaluation of all dust generating sources in mining and mineral processing activities with the design, implementation and management of dust suppression solutions. It includes continuous monitoring and quantification of the value added by these solutions.

Benefits of using Dust-A-Side’s Added Value Quantification: 

  • Monitoring of haul road maintenance KPI’s by a validated scientific process.
  • Incremental continuous improvement in haul road conditions leading to faster haul cycle times.
  • Longer vehicle component life
  • Safer operations
  • Lower operating costs
  • Capability to calculate value benefits
  • Fuel savings
  • Carbon Credits
  • Tyre savings
  • Productivity increase
  • Water savings

Haul Road Condition Monitoring and Reporting Systems:

Fuel Savings

Environmentally Friendly

Tyre Savings

Increased Productivity

Water Savings

Effective Dust Suppression

No recapping required


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