Management Solutions for Non-Permanent Haul Roads


Non-permanent haul roads (also known as secondary haul roads) account for 60% if not more of the haul road network on most surface mining. Most mining operations still use water to abate dust with the view that water is cheap and readily available. However, water only abates dust by adding moisture to the road surface which does not have long lasting effect, especially on hot sunny days. Apart from water, there are other traditional binders used for treating secondary haul roads which have helped to reduce water usage.

Benefits of using Dust-A-Side’s management solutions for non-permanent haul roads:

  • Reduced gravel loss, dust levels and road maintenance
  • Reduced fall out dust counts
  • Easy to apply, no specialised equipment required
  • Road trafficked immediately after application
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • Cost effective compared to using water only
  • Savings on water, labour and water bowser running costs
  • Good penetration into road surface

Dust-A-Side’s leading dust and underground road management products:

Fuel Savings

Environmentally Friendly

Tyre Savings

Increased Productivity

Water Savings

Effective Dust Suppression

No recapping required


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