Haul Roads Designed to Lower Costs. The Free Haulroad Construction eBook shows you how it’s done.

While most haul roads are virtually bottomless pits requiring constant expensive maintenance, Dust-A-Side Australia has created new haul roads designed to achieve lower capital expenditure and lower on-going operating expenditure.

In fact, as you’ll discover in our Haul Road Construction eBook, the total cost of ownership (TOC) of the asset will be minimised over its life.

Download this fact-packed eBook now and as well as learning that preparation is paramount, you’ll also learn the secrets of building a haul road that:

  • Has a stabilised wearing course layer design at least 50% thinner than normal
  • can reduce capital expenditure by over 50% (offset by savings on wearing course material, watercarts & graders)
  • exhibits less deterioration and therefore reduces on-going road maintenance requirements and operating costs
  • is a permanent asset that will survive the life of the haulroad provided it is maintained correctly
  • vastly improves productivity via faster wet-weather recovery times, improved rolling resistance and reduced dust levels, and
  • enhances the safety and sustainability of your operation through lower;
    • dust levels
    • likelihood of uncontrolled movements
    • CO2 emissions, and
    • operator fatigue

Download the Haul Road Construction eBook now

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