Dust Control for Construction Sites

Our polymer based additives are designed to improve the effectiveness of water carts


Construction sites of all sizes and types pose a unique set of dust control challenges.

Air borne dust can affect the health of workers as well as cause visibility issues for neighbouring communities. Governing bodies such as Local Councils and the EPA naturally become concerned if such issues arise.

There can be numerous dust generation points in a single construction site, including:

  • Unsealed dirt roads
  • Bare earth pushed around by dozers and graders
  • Stockpiles of fine materials such as soil

On large scale construction sites, it’s especially important for each dust generation point to be dealt with separately with targeted solutions, otherwise effective results can not be achieved.

Why water alone just won’t cut it

While water carts have long been the go-to solution of controlling dust on construction sites, there are significant drawbacks to using this approach alone:

  • High costs of purchasing water
  • Short-term effectiveness
  • Frequent re-spraying is needed
  • Increases in operating and labour costs
  • Decreases in productivity
  • Problems with run-off and mud which creates safety issues
  • Council fines imposed when mud is tracked onto public roads from truck tyres
Dust Control for Construction Sites

Water is just not effective at supressing dust

The overall effectiveness of using water in preventing air borne dust particles is low compared to other alternatives. When water is sprayed onto exposed area, it creates mud. Whilst this temporarily prevents dust, as soon as the ground dries, it turns to dust and the vicious circle starts again, but this time with more dust.

Thankfully, there are more effective and cost-efficient dust control solutions available for construction sites.

Additives are the answer

Dust-A-Side’s range of specially formulated polymer based additives can be used to improve the performance of water carts. These additives can be used diluted in water carts and sprayed on temporary roads and other exposed surfaces throughout any construction site.

The additives are designed to bind fine particles together and create a protective seal or “crust” over the exposed surface or stockpile. This crust effectively prevents dust from becoming airborne when the sprayed area is exposed to wind, rain and even tyres.

There are two additives from our range which are particularly well suited to construction site applications – HydroTac and AquaTarp.


HydroTac is a biodegradable binder used to bind surface particles together. A hygroscopic crusting agent, this dust control product is highly effective in containing fugitive dust throughout construction sites.

Treated areas are immediately trafficable after application, making it the product of choice for construction sites large and small. Totally organic, it has no corrosive chloride compounds and is readily biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly.

HydroTac is ideally used in short term applications.


AquaTarp is a solvent-free, water and surfactant based emulsion of latex polymer. The presence of acrylic matter in the AquaTarp formulation helps to bind fine dust particles that can quickly become airborne at the slightest breeze.

When sprayed onto material surfaces, the crusting effect of the product produces a surface seal which exhibits extremely good wind and water erosion resistance. AquaTarp also prevents dust particles from being emitted into the atmosphere as well as sediment run-off.

Normally clear, it can also be supplied with a green-dye additive to aid control of spray coverage.

AquaTarp is ideally used in longer term applications and is especially effective for use on stockpiles, embankments and other untrafficked areas, lasting for up to 12 months if the material underneath the spray is stable.


Benefits of Dust-A-Side’s polymer based additives

Both AquaTarp and HydroTac deliver substantial benefits in terms of dust control and cost savings, including:

  • Operational dust reductions of over 70%
  • Water savings of over 50%
  • Operational cost savings and efficiencies due to a reduction in water cart operating hours of more than 50%
  • Reduced sediment run-off and surface erosion
  • Safer operations due to improved visibility and reduced likelihood of a vehicle losing control as a result of over watering
  • Less mud on site, therefore enhancing housekeeping and safety standards

While both highly effective, the specific conditions of a construction site always need to be considered in order to determine which solution, or combination of solutions, will be most suitable.

No one knows more about dust control in construction sites

With well over 40 years of global research and refinement to rely on, Dust-A-Side has everything it takes – the experience, the personnel and in particular the products – to provide quantifiable results on every level.

To learn more about AquaTarp, HydroTac and our other dust control solutions, contact the experts at Dust-A-Side Australia today.

We’ll happily arrange an on-site consult with you and provide a report to design a dust control solution tailored specifically to your construction site.

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